Location Factors



City Country Calculated Factor €30,000 / year🚫⭕️ €60,000 / year🚫⭕️ €90,000 / year🚫⭕️
Hong Kong
1.491.88* HK$368,093HK$464,117* HK$736,185HK$928,233* HK$1,104,278HK$1,392,350* 🚫⭕️❗️
* If taxes paid in Germany instead.

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$$ salary = salary_{base} \times factor $$
Proportional - multiplies the base salary with the location factor.
Reverse - treats the input value as local salary and calculates which base salary this would correspond to.
Fixed Offset - calculates a fixed offset from the median salary and location factor, adds it to the base salary.
Mixed - proportional for values below median salary, fixed offset after
Converge - amplifies factor for salaries below the median and reduces factor for salaries above median.
Buffer - use the location part of Buffer's open salary formula.