Location Factors


The location factor for Reykjavik (Iceland) is 1.60, based on local living costs.

This means a 14,183,956 kr per year salary would roughly be compareable to €60,000 in Berlin (Germany).

You can also start a calculation based on Reykjavik.

Name Reykjavik
Chosen Factor 1.60 1.60
Market Rates unavailable 1.02
Consumer Price Index 1.41 1.34
Rent Index* 1.27 1.32
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index 1.37 1.33
Groceries Index 1.60 1.60
Restaurant Price Index* 1.72 1.45
Local Purchasing Power Index* 0.69 0.63
Buffer Location Bracket* B or A B or A
Currency Iceland Krona (ISK)
Income Tax* 0% to 46%
* Not used for index.
Market rates based on EurostatNational Sources. Living costs based on Numbeo.