Location Factors

Hong Kong

The location factor for Hong Kong is 1.49, based on national living costs.

This means a HK$736,185 per year salary would roughly be compareable to €60,000 in Germany.
If you would have to pay full taxes in Germany, this amount would rise to HK$928,233.
It would be HK$568,966 based on market rates, HK$717,392 with taxes paid in Germany.

You can also start a calculation based on Hong Kong.

Name Hong Kong
Chosen Factor 1.49 1.88*
Market Rates 1.15 1.46*
Consumer Price Index 0.99 1.24*
Rent Index* 2.99 3.76*
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index 1.49 1.88*
Groceries Index 1.23 1.54*
Restaurant Price Index* 0.74 0.94*
Local Purchasing Power Index* 0.67 0.84*
Buffer Location Bracket* B or A
Currency Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Income Tax* 0% to 15%
* Not used for index.* If taxes paid in Germany instead.
Market rates based on PayScale. Living costs based on Numbeo.

Locations in Hong Kong

City Factor Based On
Hong Kong 1.59 2.01* Living Costs
Kowloon 1.42 1.79* Living Costs
create calculation* If taxes paid in Germany instead.