Location Factors


The location factor for Denmark is 1.37, based on national living costs.

This means a 598,799 kr. per year salary would roughly be compareable to €60,000 in Germany.
It would be 519,218 kr. based on market rates.

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Name Denmark
Chosen Factor 1.37
Market Rates 1.18
Consumer Price Index 1.32
Rent Index* 1.28
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index 1.31
Groceries Index 1.37
Restaurant Price Index* 1.62
Local Purchasing Power Index* 0.95
Buffer Location Bracket* B
Currency Danish Krone (DKK)
Income Tax* 46% to 61%
* Not used for index.
Market rates based on PayScaleEurostatNational Sources. Living costs based on Numbeo.

Locations in Denmark

City Factor Based On
Aalborg 1.20 Living Costs
Arhus 1.36 Living Costs
Copenhagen 1.52 Living Costs
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